Chyl the Story

CHange Your Lifestyle then CHerish Your Life
This is the story of CHYL, an ambitious project that focuses on changing our daily habits in a soft, but revolutionary way.

A store with a big offer, where you can enjoy the food but also will relax and have fun. At CHYL CAFÉ you will discover new dishes that are in harmony with the seasons. The cozy, unpretentious vibe will have you totally relaxed, as if you were in a place where time stood still for a while.

A place where you will spend the night in an environment that we decorated with love, where every object has a meaning and you will learn to get to know yourself again. We’re more than willing to give you tips to discover the unique spots in the city so that you fall in love with Brussels like we did.

A wellness centre where you can treat yourself to a massage or one of the many homemade beauty treatments.

We have found and created that space where we could make all of our passions and dreams come true. At CHYL, in the Rue de Bellevue 62 in Brussels, you will find a little piece of heaven in the middle of the city that will take you to another dimension.