Chyl Cafe

CHange Your Lifestyle then CHerish Your Life
A healthy kitchen with a generous mind, seasonal products that respect nature, cooked or raw...

We love life, but adore food even more. That’s why we’re constantly looking for new ways to prepare our dishes that are based on our inspirations but stay true to our culture.

At CHYL Café you can expect a kitchen that reinvents healthiness on a daily basis. Come and visit us for a Sunday brunch, healthy juices full of nutrition or delicious cakes that satisfy your sweet tooth.

Gluten- or lactose intolerant ? You’ll find plenty of options at CHYL, in delicious vegetarian or even vegan dishes.

We promise you will love the food, but the unique vibe at CHYL will keep you coming back for more. A green spot in the middle of the city, where time stands still – if only for a little while.